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AngioVis Publications



Fleischmann D, Lammer J

Peripheral CT angiography for interventional treatment planning

Europ Radiology 2006; 16, S7, M58-64

Lower extremity CT angiography (CTA) has evolved into a very effective, widely available and robust imaging modality for patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD). In this article we briefly review the acquisition and contrast administration techniques for 4- through 64-channel peripheral CTA. Visualization of atherosclerotic disease with CTA in general requires ‘angiography-like’ 3D images (such as volume rendered or maximum intensity projection images), but-notably in the presence of vessel wall calcifications and stentscross- sectional views (such as curved planar reformations, CPR) are also required to accurately assess the flow lumen of the aorta down to the pedal arteries. Adequate visualization and mapping of atherosclerotic lesions in patients with PAOD is not only a prerequisite for generating a dictated report, but more importantly, standardized postprocessed images are the key to communicating the findings to the treating physician, and they also serve as a treatment planning tool. Treatment decisions (surgical versus transluminal revascularization, or conservative treatment), and percutaneous treatment planning (access site, antegrade versus retrograde puncture) can be made in the majority of patients with PAOD based on lower extremity CT angiograms.

Fleischmann D, Hallett RL, Rubin GD

CT Angiography of Peripheral Arterial Disease

J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2006 Jan;17(1):3-26.

Lower-extremity computed tomographic (CT) angiography (ie, peripheral CT angiography) is increasingly used to evaluate patients with peripheral arterial disease. It is therefore increasingly important for all vascular specialists to become familiar with the strengths and limitations of this new technique. The aims of this review are to explain the principles of scanning and injection technique for a wide range of CT scanners, to explain and illustrate the properties of current image postprocessing tools for effective visualization and treatment planning, and to provide an overview of current clinical applications of peripheral CT angiography.

Original Papers - Technical









Tran DN, Fleischmann D, Rakshe T, Roos JE, Rosenberg J, Straka M, Napel S

Femoropopliteal artery centerline interpolation using contralateral shape.

Med Phys. 2007 Sep;34(9):3428-35.

Straka M, Cervenanský M, La Cruz A, Köchl A, Srámek M, Gröller E, Fleischmann D

: Focus & Context Visualization in CT-Angiography

IEEE Visualization 2004 2004; 385-392.

La Cruz A, Straka M, Köchl A, Srámek M, Gröller E, Fleischmann D

Non-Linear Model Fitting to Parameterize Diseased Blood Vessels

IEEE Visualization 2004 2004; 393-400.

Straka M, La Cruz A, Köchl A, Dimitrov LI, Srámek M, Fleischmann D, Gröller E

Bone Segmentation in CT Angiography Data Using a Probabilistic Atlas

Vision, Modeling, and Visualization VMV 2003 2003; 505-512.

Kanitsar A, Wegenkittl R, Fleischmann D, Gröller E

Advanced Curved Planar Reformation: Flattening of Vascular Structures

IEEE Visualization 2003 2003; 43-50.

Kanitsar A, Wegenkittl R, Felkel P, Fleischmann D, Sandner D, Gröller E

Computed Tomography Angiography: A Case Study of Peripheral Vessel Investigation

IEEE Visualization 2001 2001; 477-480.

Diploma and Doctoral Theses

Matúš Straka

Processing and Visualization of Peripheral CT-Angiography Datasets

PhD Thesis, Vienna University of Technology, 2006

Alexandra La Cruz

Modelling and Reconstruction of Peripheral Vascular Structures

PhD Thesis,
Vienna University of Technology, 2006

Armin Kanitsar

Curved Planar Reformation for Vessel Visualization

PhD Thesis,
Vienna University of Technology, 2004

Armin Kanitsar

Advanced Visualization Techniques for Vessel Investigation

Diploma Thesis, Vienna University of Technology, 2001